Natural Health Source » ZINC AND SKIN HEALTH

Natural Health Source » ZINC AND SKIN HEALTH

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Zinc is a transitional metallic element known from ancient times. It is widely distributed in our environment, being found in water, air and almost all foodstuffs. The medicinal properties of zinc in the shape of calamine were documented more than 3,000 years ago in the Ebers Papyrus, in ancient Ayurvedic manuscripts and in early Indian medicine. The finding by Raulin in 1869 that the mold Aspergillus niger would not survive on a zinc-deficient medium was crucial in determining the importance of zinc in biological systems. Zinc is second only to iron in being the most abundant trace element in our body, but its nutritional importance came to light only in the 1960s following studies of zinc-responsive growth failure in children in rural Egypt and Iran.What Zinc Does In The BodyIt is an essential trace element in the human body and its role in skin health and in disease is recognized. It acts as a cofactor in numerous transcription factors and enzyme systems including zinc-dependent matrix metalloproteinases that increase autodebridement and keratinocyte migration during wound repair. Zinc gives resistance to epithelial apoptosis through cytoprotection from reactive oxygen species and microbial. Zinc deficiency of hereditary or dietary origin can lead to pathological changes and retarded scar healing. Oral zinc supplementation can be beneficial in curing zinc-deficient leg ulcer patients, but its therapeutic place in surgical patients requires further clarification. Zinc Applied On Wounds Is The Better SolutionTopical administration of zinc seems to be superior to zinc tablets due to its effect in reducing superinfections and necrotic material via enhanced local defense systems and collagenolytic activity, and the sustained liberation of zinc ions that stimulates epithelialization of wounds in normozincemic individuals. Zinc oxide in paste bandages (Unna boot) protects and soothes inflamed peri-ulcer skin. Zinc is transported through the dermis from these formulations, although the systemic actions appear insignificant. Zinc Is EverywhereSubsequent research has demonstrated that zinc is present, albeit in minimal concentrations, in all living plant and animal cells, mainly in the shape of cofactors or structural elements in key enzyme mechanisms vital for cell replication, protein synthesis, and repair mechanisms following injury. In 1941, Keilin and Mann identified the first metalloenzyme, carbonic anhydrase, with zinc as an important cofactor, but more lately zinc has been identified in more than 300 different enzymes. In addition to its influence in nucleic acid and protein production, carbohydrate metabolism, and oxygen transport, zinc is now known to be crucial in regulating cellular membranes. Zinc-finger proteins are a group of more than 2,000 transcription factors that bind specifically to DNA and stimulate transcription of growth factors, cytoprotective proteins, and are controllers of adult hematopoietic stem cells. Apart from its influence in protein complexes, the zinc ion is tightly involved in intracellular signaling and neurotransmission vital for scar less wound healing.

A new scar care treatment containing zinc is now available to treat all types of acne scars, including keloid scars, surgical scars and also stretch marks. Elaborated with biological ingredients, it ensures a scarless acne scars healing and the recovery of your old healthy skin.

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