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Ten Top Healthy Diet Ingredients For Your Healt

Physical fitness and good eating go hand and hand, but no one food is going to have magical effects on your health by itself. Eating a variety of foods from these food groups is the best route. To avoid overeating you should pay attention to the portion size. If you create a relaxing environment for your meals these healthy foods will along with healthy emotions will contribute to a healthy body for you. Add these to your diet to improve your health.

Berries – Perhaps you have a favorite berry or, you may love them all,either way you can’t go wrong grabbing some berries as a snack. Try a smoothie made from mixed berries as a luscious dessert. Most berries have a high vitamin C content and some have other beneficial nutrients as well. Great for the circulatory system are blueberries which are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidant. Less known Gogi berries are loaded with nutrients that will keep your body fit.

Citrus – The foods of the citrus family are widely recognized as a valuable source of vitamin C. Choose fully ripe citrus fruits for the best nutritional value and choose citrus as near to the tree as possible. Tree ripened fruits picked at the peak of perfection and consumed with hours of picking give you the top nutritional rating. Try grapefruit for breakfast. Add a dash of fresh squeezed lime to your salad as a dressing and enjoy slices of orange with coconut in a light honey dressing for dessert.

Vegetables – Vegetable is a group with so many choices. Choosing vegetable for a nutritionally sound diet is a way of life for vegans and vegetarians. You can get many of the minerals need by the body from the vegetable group. Some people do not realize that the body needs potassium for good health. Some people believe that one bananas the only place to get your potassium requirement. here is something you may not know, eating a stalk of broccoli can give you the potassium you need also.Another good choice can be pasta mixed with pine nuts and green leafy vegetables. Spruce this up with feta cheese and a light vinaigrette dressing for an interesting lunch.

Whole Grains – For this group you will want to add a variety of grains for them to be sound nutritionally. You can often get a whole protein source by adding two or more grains together. An example of this is some wheat kernels mixed with brown rice and seasonings which is popular in many other countries.

Salmon – Salmon is know for its great nutritional value as well as being a very lean fish. Salmon is loaded with omega-3 oils which can improve the function of the brain. For a nice luncheon dish try baking a whole salmon and seasoning with fresh lime, this is a great choice for dinner any night. You may also add salmon to cold seafood dishes is very popular.

Legumes – This is simply a fruit with a dry seed, only one. Legumes are also referred to as pods. Some edible legumes are peanuts, soybeans and dried beans. Legumes have a very high iron content as well as a high fiber content which makes them great nutritional choices. One type of legume that is responsible for hundreds of different edible and non edible products are peanuts.

Nuts and seeds – Nature has packed a lot of goodness into small packages. Most everyone has heard of walnuts and pecans which are very good nutritional products, but did you realize that flax seeds are brain food–containing critical non-meat sources of the Omega-3 oil.

Lean proteins – Lean is the word you want to key in on here. As a whole Americans eat far too much protein as compared to any where else in the world. Reduce the portion size down to three ounces which is sufficient for one day for most people. Before eating meat sources of protein be sure to trim off visible fat. You can switch from meat to the complete protein found in some vegetable meals made from beans and brown rice.

Tea – According to the type of tea you choose, you may get an energy boost if you should choose green tea or guarana, or feel more relaxed from say chamomile. Mint tea will get you going in the morning as well as a nice cup of earl grey. Herbal teas are tasty, good for you and have the ability to sooth you. When you need to function choosing non herbal teas can keep you alert.

Olive oil – As far as fats go this is the healthiest choice. You can use it on your salad, for a nice dressing mix olive oil with a little vinegar, or it can be used for frying foods. To avoid breaking the oil down keep the heat low while frying.

No magic here, but by making these small additions you will be on your way to better health.

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