Everything You Need For Preserve Immunity

Everything You Need For Preserve Immunity

We face spring fatigue and stress daily and they can setiosly impair the immune system. Therefore, it is extremely important to build a healthy daily habits that physicians have advocated for decades. Normal life and (work) habits are what will ensure a balance that helps the body build immunity. Here are a few important items to raise and maintain immunity.



A sufficient number of hours of sleep a night is immensely important for our immune system, everyone of the world’s scientists agrees. During sleep the brain regenerates, the heart slows and the whole body relaxes. The bloodstream spreads sleep hormone in the body and that affect the health of the whole organism.

Sleep problems, in addition to a weakened immunity, are leading to health problems, infections, anxiety and depression, headaches, heart disturbances and even heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes … If you do not sleep well we do not work effectively during the day, and it creates further problems with worry and stress and leads us into a vicious circle.

Create rituals that can help you relax before bedtime Do not exercise or work too hard. Do everything that calms you down – read a book, sip your favorite decaf drink like milk with honey, chamomile tea or a hot bath …



There is no conservation of immunity and good health without exercise and a lot of movement. The man once did not know the sedentary lifestyle as it is today – people were walking a lot more, running and generally moving, whereas today it`s the opposite. Sport stimulates the production of endorphins, responsible for mood and fighting stress.

From the office to the elevator, the elevator car and at home,are the worst option you can imagine. Many realized how much their exercise improves the quality of life, and they included physical activity in everyday life, at least two or three times a week for an hour.

We recommend – if you are not a morning person and you can not run a few miles before work, renounce the car if you work far from home. Besides you will save on fuel,and you will contribute to your health. Also, you can and walk instead of taking a bus.

At work stand up from the chair a few times, stretch, and after work try to go swimming, fitness or even just for a walk that shouldn`t be very hard now in the spring when the days are longer and the air smells nicer.

Eliminating stress

eliminating stress

Stress can not be eliminated and it may be easier for us if we can accept the fact that there will always be bad drivers who are driving and blocking the traffic, as well as the extremes of colleagues, a boss who has a bad day or just unpaid bills that are piling up and tighten you with a ring around your neck.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we must remember that this is our life, one that we have to pamper ourselfs in every possible and accessible manner. Take a walk and listen to your favorite music in the afternoon instead of watching negative news on TV, it would mean a lot for your good mood.

You may not have opportunities totake out your friends at an expensive restaurant, but you can try to cook a dinner at home or play a game of football or volleyball. The most important thing is to hang out and spend a few hours together, smiling and good-humored.



Antioxidants are the ones who keep our immune system and help fight free radicals. People produce antioxidants in the body themselves, and the largest natural sources of them are found in fruits and vegetables, one with distinct colors, red, purple, green, and often just the pigment that gives color to the vegetable antioxidant required.

Among the better-known antioxidants are the vitamins C, E, beta carotene, selenium, and many other natural compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, carotenoids and others. With the combination of fruits and vegetables into our body, various vitamins and compounds bind to each other and thus act as antioxidants. If this balance is disrupted, our body will lack the nutrients and “fighters” for health and immunity will decrease. Immunity – good, better,the best – here is a sample menu.