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June »  2010 »  Union Health

Know about the Health issues facing by mankind

My Blog will help you greatly by providing valuable information in the field of medical science. This Blog will also render quality information on health tips, medical advancement and knowledge on disease.

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Mirror neurons are a key to the understanding of consciousness?

First, however, is a fashion statement of the neuroscience concept? Mirror neuron? The key to understand the question is the declaration which provided in one readable article by Jan Osterkamp. The neuroscience in recent years, a veritable treasure trove of unusual findings become the findings of brain research, and regularly solve profound debates about the [...]

Over the years, we discover so many changes in the face: the first wrinkles appear and also one or the other red veins can be seen. Moreover, many women have suddenly dark spots on the skin: chloasma. What is and what you can do about it. They typically make broad forehead, temple and cheek, and [...]

Two thirds of stroke is caused by less healthy lifestyle. Large cohorts study shows prevention success back to a healthy lifestyle to encourage Always worth it. Good arguments again deliver a large study: in women with a healthy lifestyle, two thirds of ischemic stroke less than in that little respect to their health. For the [...]

Worldwide increase in diabetes cases: 230 million people suffer from the dangerous metabolic disease and the number should increase.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diseases is added almost eight-fold in 1980. By 2025, with a further increase to over 340 million cases expected, but why is this dramatic development? The majority of patients suffering today at age 40-59 years in type 2 diabetes used to type the two had the [...]

The menopause: a bit thick even healthy

Many women take to the 50. This is due to the menopause. However, no one has fallen in the face of a few extra pounds just in panic: For a slight increase in weight does have its good sides… So from mid-40s is going on in the rule: the time of the change begins. A [...]

Caries is for people around 40 mostly not a big problem however, its teeth of many people in this age group at risk of other health risk: gum disease. And these gums disease may have serious consequences: If not treated, thoroughly healthy teeth fall out at some point. Periodontal disease goes away and gradually over [...]

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